Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A SERPENT UNCOILED -- Mass Market Paperback Edition

My latest crime novel, A Serpent Uncoiled, is now available as a mass-market paperback and a Kindle-based e-book (for UK and US readers alike). Relevant links below.

“With gargantuan literary flourishes, Spurrier evidently likes to roll his words around his mouth to test if they taste right before spitting them out onto the page. What you get are flashes of brilliance sodden by great gobs of wry humour.” -- The Truth About Books

“An elaborately tooled razor of a book.” – Warren Ellis.

UK purchasers:

Mass Market Paperback:

Kindle Edition:

US purchasers:

The KINDLE VERSION should now be available. There have been some problems activating the link, so if you have any grief – let me know.

And your best bet for the Paperback is the, which will dispatch anywhere in the world without shipping fees.


Kate D. said...

Hey Simon! Saw from your YouTube video you are experiencing the... erm... joys of publishing and publicity. As a fellow author, just wanted to extend an invitation over to (if you're not there already). I SWEAR it isn't a spam site. It is one of the biggest forums for Kindle authors and has some great resources, a ton of folks going through what you're going through, and a mess of authors willing to share their experience. It is well moderated and jerks are swiftly punished. You're not alone!

the comics expert said...

Hi Si. Longtime fan! Looking forward to reading this. The bookdepository link is broken though.
But that's a good thing, because bookdepo.com has it a little cheaper. They always do...
Good luck, I'll try to get some more people interested!

dan said...

I found your blog at Steve Hall at ranted about your video on YTube. Good on ya, mate. But the truth is that your PR people at HH should have done a better job. it's your job to write and write a good book you did. You should not have to go public with that embarrassing YT video, with 2300 hits so far. You are the writer. Stiff up and lip and all that, and chin up, mate. YOUR next book will do the trick. Be patient.
meanwhile, wait till you read Jim Laughter
s cli fi novel ''POLAR CITY RED''. Lovelock will be delighted too!

the paul said...

Whhil Whheaton sent me here, but your lovely article "ON SUCCESS" convinced me to buy. The US Kindle link doesn't quite work—it seems that the html isn't formatted quite right—but it's easy enough to find on

Here's a link that should work, although I don't really know how any of the referral stuff works and there might be a better way for you to get Maximally Profitized: