Tuesday, 9 October 2012

NYCC 2012: Where I'll Be When I'm Not In The Pub

New York Comic Con

Hello folks.

Usual excuses regarding poor blogttendance and whatnot. I promise to tune back in shortly with a Spursphere Update on various exciting projects in the works, not least my forthcoming stint as ongoing writer of X-Men Legacy. Check out these stunning covers for episodes One and Three by Mike Del Mundo (in my biased opinion, #3's got to be a contender for cover-of-the-year).

But more imminently I’m very excited to be once again attending the NEW YORK COMIC CON, between Thursday 11th and Sunday 14th October. To my mind it’s the most perfect mix of comicky congasmic craziness, hanging with a variety of debauched and dronkled pals, and exploratory pilgrimages among the food Meccas, elevated arboreal Edens and architectural Elysiums of the world’s second greatest city.

So. I’ve been made aware that some of you, apparently, weirdly, insanely, might like to come and say hello while I’m publically decloaked. I’ve been warned it’s customary for attendees at these events to steal slivers of creators’ souls through clicking magicboxes and whirry phonegizmos, and to rob them of their sympathetic name-runes at the point of a sharpie. Worst of all I’m alerted that visitors may try to pry-forth dark secrets about Who’d Win In A Fight Between Squirrel Girl and Stilt-Man.

 EVERYBODY WINS, my friends, that’s who.

 Anyway. Here’s a list of where I’ll be when I’m not at the pub. (When I’m at the pub, I’ll be at the pub. In which case you should go through the appropriate channels to totally find out which pub I’m in so you can come and buy me a drink.)

 I’ll add to this list as/when it changes, which it inevitably shall.


On Friday and Saturday I’ll be spending a good chunk of time hanging out with the guys at Avatar Press, Booth 812, signing copies of CROSSED: WISH YOU WERE HERE and giving sneak-peeks at forthcoming Crossedesque horribleness. If I’m not there when you are I’ll be heading back within an hour or two. I’ll try and firm-up times when I know more.


11am-12noon: Signing, 2000AD/Judge Dredd, Booth 813. (which, now I come to look at it on NYCC's fabulous interactive floorplan, is right next to the Avatar stall. So, y'know. Good times.)

12.15pm-1.15pm: Panel,Marvel Now! (All New X-Men), room 1E07. Wherein I shall speak of All Things Spandexweird.


12pm-1pm: Singing, Marvel, Booth 1838. (Bring me your X-Clubs, your Ghost Riders, your Silver Surfers and your huddled spandexy masses. I WOULD SIGN THY HEROSTUFF.)

2.45pm-3.45pm: Panel, 2000AD/Judge Dredd, room 1A07. The movie's great. Srsly.

 See you there!

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Dry_Ice said...

Number Three is indeed a cool Escher-esque cover.